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Posted July 12, 2017
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Summer is here, and you know what that means…its Wash ‘n’ Go season! For almost every natural, I think one of the biggest goals is to get the perfect wash ‘n’ go.

I am going to share I how achieve my Wash ‘n’ Go perfection. Hopefully these nuggets of gold will help you in achieving your perfect wash and go!


No matter your curly hair type, it is so important that you have clean hair so that your curls pop
rather than flop! You do not want to start the wash and go process with build up on your hair, as
whatever product you use to hold the curls will not be as effective on your curls. It may seem
slightly OTT but before I do a Wash ‘n’ Go I like to do a bentonite clay mask because this gently
removes buildup and conditions my curls allowing them to pop.

Top Tip

Apply shampoo only to scalp rather than length of hair. Allow shampoo residue to run down hair to cleanse.



When preparing your hair for a wash and go there is no need for styling tool, so give the comb and
Denham brush a night off and put those fingers to work. When achieving wash ‘n’ go perfection
you want to ensure your curls remain formed and untouched. By using your fingers to detangle your
hair, you are not breaking up the curl pattern which will be needed to achieve the wash ‘n’ go look.
Invest in a detangling shampoo that provides enough slip so that fingers glide through rather than
pulling on your hair.

Top tip

Start detangling from the bottom and work your way up towards the root.


After detangling I apply an oil mixture which locks in the moisture. This is an important step as most
holding gels can be quite drying to the hair once applied. Using an oil, preferably a nourishing oil mix, this will minimise the drying effect that the gel may have on the hair and allow your curls to stay

Top tip

Using an applicator bottle for oil is an easy way of dispensing oil without the mess.


Styling Product

To set the curls in place you will need a styling product with hold. There are a few styling products
that you can choose from, EcoStyler gel is a favourite amongst many curly hair ladies as this will hold
your curls in place. You can also opt for a homemade gel such as Flaxseed, which I feel is more gentle
on your curls and you don’t get that crunch, you can often get with holding gels

Top Tip

When applying gel to the hair smooth in through rather than rake. Raking can disturb fine delicate curls.


Not meaning mental health sectioning but sectioning of your hair. I have added this at the end because some curly girls may decide to skip this part. In my case this is crucial to the outcome of my wash and go. If you have very dense hair, sectioning your hair whilst in the detangling stage will help when you are applying the oil and styling product. Creating sections in the hair will ensure that when you apply your product, it is reaching each and every curl. Not just the top, ends or sides but all your will be evenly coated with product so that you don’t end up with an undesirable wash and go!

There are no set rules in achieving the perfect wash and go, from my experience I have found that this works for me. Remember, achieving styles as a curly hair girl is trial and error…so keep trying
and making errors and you will soon find out what works for you.

Wash ‘n’ Vid as requested by you guys




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