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Posted August 22, 2016
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This is our first Natural Curlies blog product review, so I thought we would kick off with a British Brand ‘Shea Decadence’. I have been using this brand for almost 2 years, so I think it is safe to say that I know this product line quite well!

Shea Decadence is a UK based natural hair and skin brand; all products are handmade using organic natural or naturally derived raw ingredients from around the world.

shea moisture pack shot

Kinky girls twist / braid out kit

I purchased their Kinky girls twist/ braid out kit. This kit has 3 steps and the aim is that you’re left with moisturised, defined kinks, curls and waves and of course a beautiful twist or braid out. In this kit I got the ‘Hair Latte’, ‘Coco Frappucinno’ and ‘Caramel Curls Shine and Define Styling Balm’. My favourite product is the Coco Frappucinno, keep reading to find out why.


Step 1 – Hair Latte

This product is conditioning hair milk with a light drizzling of glycerine and a sprinkle of silk; it is designed to lightly condition dry kinks and coils. I liked this product for the 1st step of the process as it wasn’t too heavy on my hair. I applied this to freshly washed hair with no other product already on my hair. I noticed my hair instantly felt and looked moisturised. The consistency is like milk, very light, thin but easily applied to the hair. If your hair is of a high density and quite thick, you may have to use quite a lot of this product to feel like your hair has been moisturised, as the consistency is quite thin. I think this product would be great on wavy hair.

Glycerine sensitive naturals do not fret as there is truly just a drizzle of glycerine. I barely noticed myself, as my hair is quite sensitive to glycerine and when I can, I try to avoid it in natural hair products.

Step 2 – Coco Frappucinno

Is a curl enhancing leave- in conditioner with unrefined coco butter, coconut oil and shea butter. I absolutely love this product it’s my favourite product of the entire line! I feel that this can be used as a leave in, curl definer, hair moisturiser it is the whole package. It works well on any density hair because it is of a medium consistency, it won’t weigh down fine hair and thicker hair will get the moisture it needs. For me this was a great 2 step as it helped to define my curls, moisturised and softened my hair. To be honest I felt as though if I had skipped step 1 my hair wouldn’t have missed it because the coco frappucinno provides everything I needed. This product is great for kinky hair and I would say curly hair also, for those with wavy hair you may find this product too greasy and there is a possibility you may find it difficult to achieve a light fluffy bouncy look.


Step 3 – Caramel Curls Shine & Define Styling Balm

This is actually what it says it is a shine and define balm, it hosts a whole load of lovely ingredients such a Jamaican black castor oil, shea butter and coconut oil.   I applied this immediately after step 2 and what I noticed is the increase in definition and a lovely shine to my hair. It provides a soft hold to the hair which is perfect when setting for a braid or twist out as it leaves your hair bouncy and fluffy not hard, crunchy or weighed down. You only need a little bit of this product as a little definitely goes a long way and you don’t want over shiny hair.


Natural hair Curl Definition

Results of twist out

The Result of My Twist Out

I left my twists in for a week before unravelling, on day 2 of my twists I began moisturising on a daily basis using the hair latta and coco frappucinno and then my own oil mixture. Below is result of the unfluffed and fluffed twist out. What do you think? I am happy with the results; it was a really humid day so my hair got even bigger which was great!

I paid £19.99 for this kit, do I think it is worth it? Yes I definitely feel I got value for money with this purchase the Hair Latta and Coco Frappucinno were 100ml in size and the styling balm was 60ml, you are paying a little over £6 for each product. I think this kit is a good way of getting to know this product line and knowing what products work for you and what you might to decide to repurchase or perhaps not? These products are available to purchase individually and in larger sizes. Hooray! I guess what you all are waiting for is where you can purchase these products from you can purchase from their website ‘Shea Decadence’. They currently only have an online shop but you will find them at major natural hair events. Shipping was really quick I ordered on Thursday evening and received my products on Saturday morning. Everything came well packaged and presented with a little extra goodie inside. Overall I am super happy with this brand in particular the Kinks line; I have no hesitation in recommending these products to friends and family.

If you fancy, it check out my Shea Decadence wash & Go Hair tutorial and product review on NaturalCurliestv.

Thanks for reading our first product review. See y’all in the next one.

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