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Posted October 28, 2018
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One thing I do love is a clay wash!

Not necessarily for its cleansing purposes but for the fantastic conditioning properties, I am always left with super soft defined curls after a clay wash. What spurred this post was my recent purchase of a new clay wash product by flora & curl which I enjoyed using and was happy with the conditioning results it gave my hair. Instead of making this a review on one product I thought I would highlight some of the other amazing clay based products that are out there and are great for natural hair.

Firstly I thought it would be quite interesting to touch on the history of the use of clay as this is something which isn’t new. Going back to ancient times clay has been used to treat minor ailments such as food poisoning, aches and pains, infections, mineral deficiencies and also the use of beauty treatments for skin and hair. We can still find clay being used in present day especially within tribes that have not lost touch with nature. African and native American Indian tribes continue to use clay for its preventative care, remedies, and minerals.

Modern uses for clay are more likely to be found in health and beauty routines. They are widely used in spas usually mixed with water, sea or salt lake water, apple cider vinegar to make face masks, mud baths and hair masks.

Clays works as a powerful detoxifier and it draws out impurities to cleanse the body and hair which is the focus of this blog. Here are some of the best clays in my opinion for naturally curly hair;

Bentonite clay wash for natural hair

Bentonite clay is a fantastic clay that has the ability to produce an electrical charge when in contact with a fluid such as water. When this happens its electrical components change, carrying a strong negative charge which bonds to the positive charge in many toxins which can be found on the hair.

Bentonite clay is fantastic for the hair as it can thoroughly cleanse the hair of products which have harsh chemicals and also from pollutants that are found in our environment. Bentonite clay can be mixed with water, apple cider vinegar and oil for a truly cleansing and conditioning spa experience for the hair. I find that the longer a leave the clay on the better the results I also apply a cheeky face mask in the process of doing my hair.


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Moroccan Lava Curl Refresh Clay Wash

Flora & Curl

This is the newest clay wash to my collection and it’s by a company called ‘Flora & Curl’. This product is advertised as a 2 in 1 cleansing a conditioning formula to make everyday wash day a spa day for the hair. Not only does this product have bentonite clay but it is also a mixture of Rhassoul clay and banana powder.

What I particularly liked about this product is that it has essential oils in it; lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint oil which leave your hair with an amazing scent. You activate 2 tablespoons of this product with water and mix until it is a smooth consistency and then leave the product to sit on the hair for 8 – 15 minutes. Dissimilar to bentonite clay this product did not harden on the hair, however I did find it slightly more difficult to remove the product from my scalp but this may have been due to applying to much of it to my scalp. In my opinion this product was great as a conditioner more so than a cleanser but loved it all the same.


Rhassoul clay wash for natural hair

Rhassoul clay is a soothing clay which is sourced from the Atlas mountains in Morocco and is often used in spas for skin and hair.

Similar to bentonite clay, Rhassoul clay expands when water is added to it. Both clays draw toxins from the body as well as removing product build up from the hair, but Rhassoul clay is a lot more effective at adding moisture and softness to the skin and hair as well as reducing irritation and inflammation.

Rhassoul clay is an amazing natural shampoo, it gently cleanses without stripping the hair of its natural oils due to the strong alkalinity it has. It has a high level of saponins which is a natural cleansing agent, it gives the hair a bounce without the dry feeling some other harsh shampoos can create.

Not only is Rhassoul clay amazing cleanser it is also a great conditioner which leaves your hair soft and silky and more manageable. It has powerful remineralising and moisturing properties which gives the hair incredible shine and softness which will amaze you.


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