Our story

Our story began in 2013 when we were seeking a way to connect and share our love of natural hair and the life style with other naturals through an on line digital platform. A lot of thoughts took place before Natural Curlies was born as our vision was to create a community which would allow people with naturally curly hair to reach out to others alike and share their experiences.

We connected with other naturals by presenting ourselves at natural hair events and workshops. We also launched across the popular social channels and with an encouraging follow rate too. Our only web space has been single sign up page and after three years has attracted more than 1000 subscribers.

Kara quickly became a much loved inspirational vlogger. Adopting the rule of not using a comb to groom her hair has been an eye opener for many, together with her natural ability to connect with their audience holistically. Kara takes caring for natural hair to many levels and with a strict and patient approach.  With the success of their growing audience, Kara has been a writer for Black Girl with Long Hair, photographed by Baltimore-based fashion & beauty portraiture photographer Kelvin Bulluck, appeared in Essence.com, Care for you Hair, Hug My Hair, a nominee on Frizzle TV and ranked top 10 UK Natural Hair Youtuber’s you need to meet. My, what a woman. Check out the one hair length shower picture that went viral here.

With a background in creative digital design and marketing as an added bonus, Tamara began creatively forming their online digital space by way of brand identity and marketing strategy. Shaping and evolving digital ideas to better reach out the natural hair community. The focus was to not make it the journey of Kara and Tamara, but the journey of the natural hair community, building success stories around each and every natural we connect with hence there name ‘Natural Curlies’ in an innovative way.

With our two backgrounds and passions marrying up so well, entering the natural hair scene mid way through has been a bumpy and challenging three years to say the least. In spite of this, we have never been deterred and remained committed to our goal, continuing to deliver a space for naturals to inspire and be inspired in their own space. We thank each and every person who has shown support and love on this journey and our story continues.


The team

Tamara. Co-founding partner & Director

Tamara. Co-founding partner & Director

Enjoying the evolution of me by living life on purpose, staying healthy, loving, laughing and creating good times. By profession I am a creative digital designer. Coupled with my love of natural hair and the importance of health & wellbeing,

I began embracing my natural hair texture 10 years ago and since then have never looked back. For me it has spiralled off a number of evolutionary changes when 5 years ago I decided to embrace a plant-based diet and life style.

I love spending time in nature and enjoying each day. High fives to all the people I’ve inspired to go natural and more plant-based.


Kara. Co-founding partner & Director

Kara. Co-founding partner & Director

Hi I’m Kara, mother, daughter, aunty, friend and occupational therapist. Extreme natural hair enthusiast, advocate, inspirer, embracer, virgin blogger but experienced vlogger. Lover of all things natural and organic. Avoiding all things toxic! Trying to live a clean lifestyle but I do love myself some crisps now and again! Doing my best to uplift my beautiful curly haired women, men and kids from my 32 years experience of having natural hair.   Currently attracting all good things into my life and manifesting my dreams into reality because dreams do come true!