Semi Free Form Locs Journey


Posted April 16, 2018
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Semi Free Form Locs Journey

Semi Free Form Locs Journey

If you would have asked me three years ago if I could have seen myself on a semi free form loc journey I would have probably said, nah.

I found myself on this journey once I placed myself on a healing journey. I had hit rock bottom mentally and my health was also paying for it because I was always stressed. Stress is the root cause of many dis-eases that manifest in our body.

I began to incorporate complimentary alternative methods for caring for myself like changing my diet, meditation, journaling, mindset work and visualization-to name a few. This has been very rewarding. My relationships have strengthened, my health is great and most of all, I am healed from my past.

While on this healing journey, I felt it was the right time for me to start my loc journey. It was almost like a quiet voice in my being said, now is the time.

My husband assisted me in setting my hair in comb twists and my loc journey began, August 2, 2015. In the beginning, I would retwist every two weeks to encourage my locs to lock quicker. I must confess, I did not like getting retwists as I was used to having a thick afro. I would spray my roots with the concoction I had in my spray bottle to puff my roots up a bit. I was not use to my scalp being so visible. My hair felt and looked thin after each retwist. I knew this was not the route I wanted to take so I stopped retwisting. Instead, I chose to let my roots be great and I stopped retwisting after the second retwist.

During this time, many thought I had lost my mind. I went from organized coils to spikes poking out all over my head. My mother thought I had lost it and some of my clients. As I look back over my pictures I can understand how such a drastic change could be hard for others to accept.

Negative comments surely came my way but one thing my natural hair journey has taught me is to embrace who I am no matter what.

Self-love is something I had to learn as I had lost that many years ago. I put myself on the backburner and began living life existing and living for others.

You may be wondering what are semi free form locs. These types of locs require little manipulation of the hair. I do not retwist. I keep my locs from combining by going through my hair weekly to ensure that my locs are not trying to combine. Sometimes I will let them combine depending on the size of the loc. I have an afro at my root and locs of unique sizes emerging from it. Although it may not look like it, I do have partings that are disguised by my thick roots.

Semi free form locs are easy maintenance. I wash my hair a minimum of once a week. I apply one of my herbal infusions (that I make) onto my hair and scalp and give myself a good scalp massage. I also detox when needed using a bentonite clay mask.

This journey is one that many admire once the locs are into their adult stage, but the process is not accepted by many due to appearance. If you choose this route, you are most likely already prepared to stand firm in your confidence. This also applies to natural hair period. When comments come your way, understand it is not you, it is the other person.

Semi free forming gives me the feeling of freedom and reflects my uniqueness. I love my hair!




Contributing Writer @ Natural Curlies

I am a wife, mother and holistic hair growth coach. I educate and empower through my blog, Naturalista4me, social media platforms and workshops I organise or guest attend. I specialises in helping others to achieve and maintain healthy growing hair from a holistic perspective by focusing on the overall balance of the mind, body and soul.


  • Maria

    Fabulosity incarnate! Thank you so much for sharing your journey on this video. May inspirational for me…am just starting out.

  • Michelle Lowe

    Sorry, I meant Qwania!

  • Michelle Lowe

    Hi Dwania
    Your hair rocks!
    So I have just started (2-3 wks so far) my semi freeform loc journey.
    I have:
    -a head full of finger coils with minimal parts showing, as the foundation
    -fine, partially curly/nappy/straight natural hair that loves to show frizz. Possibly a 3c category.
    -a desire to freeform from this starting point bc a.) I’m on a budget
    b.) I don’t have naturally thick hair but want to have it eventually appear as if I do
    c.) I believe my uniqueness with semi freeform/freeforming will be more evident vs. manicured locs..imho
    My question is, would u recommend wetting my starter coils in the shower everyday (as I did for the first time this morning) as a way for me to control the frizz aspect and/or “washing” with a ACV or lavender rinse? At this stage, I am averse to scrubbing with a lather shampoo bc my starter coils may unravel. And besides, it took me 10 grueling hours to do them lol and I ain’t tryna go back down that road.
    Any advise would be appreciated! Thank you.


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