Natural Ingredients In Your Hair Products Are They Worth The Additional Cost?

Natural Ingredients In Your Hair Products_Are_They_Worth The Additional Cost

You don’t want to become a product junkie and end up with an endless array of hair care products on your bathroom counter.

And now!! your counter is beginning to look like a shelf at the beauty supply store!! You want to ensure your natural hair journey is a healthy one, with your hair looking and feeling its best. But can you afford it?

Here’s some good news, if your hair products have quality ingredients you’ll need fewer products and you can redirect the pennies to buy the pocketbook you’ve been checking out!!

Let’s examine the facts

What are the essential ingredients required for healthy natural hair?
Do the ingredients need to be organic or natural or will synthetic ingredients be good enough?


Coconut Oil
Properties | Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids

Coconut oil is able to penetrate the hair shaft more effectively than some other oils. It repels water, which prevents the hair shaft absorbing too much water and becoming too porous. A prime beneficial use of coconut oil is as a pre-shampoo it prevents the hair from drying out from detergents in shampoos and when used as a styling aid it adds sheen and moisturizes.

Olive Oil
Properties | Vitamin E and K, Essential Fatty Acids, Omega 3 and 9
Olive oil can be used as a hair treatment and like coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft. Because it is so rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins it is great for hair growth and supports scalp stimulation. When applied to the scalp it has antibacterial properties and reduces build up.

Shea Butter
Properties – Vitamin A and E
Shea butter is too heavy to enter the hair shaft but is thicker and will coat the hair shaft and act as a sealant. Sealing in moisture that has been captured through conditioning. When whipped or melted it becomes lighter in consistency and a reduced amount is needed when applied to the hair and will not add weight.

Argan Oil
Properties – Vitamin E, Essential Fatty Acids
Argan oil is a heavier oil that can be used as a sealant. The oil works as a great leave-in conditioner, it controls frizz. It’s a good protectant against heated styling tools and hair dryers. Argan oil also makes hair softer, provides sheen and gives it a silkier feel.

Jojoba Oil
Properties – Vitamin E, Essential Fatty Acids Omega 6 and 9
Is the perfect scalp moisturizer, which in turn improves the health of the hair follicles. It also works really well as a hot oil treatment and thus has all the properties to condition the hair. Jojoba oils coats protects and therefore supports the strengthening of the hair follicle.


Mineral Oil
Is a by product of crude oil that is used to make gasoline and acts as a coolant in motor oil. Lightly treated mineral oil is carcinogenic, however, the oil is further refined and carcinogens are removed when used in beauty products. Mineral oil is colorless, odorless and when used as an emollient in hair products it forms a layer that traps water. Its prevalent use in beauty products is due to its low cost and lightweight.

Propylene Glycol (PG)
Is a derivative of petroleum that is used in antifreeze it is tasteless, odorless and colorless. It can be found in body washes, conditioners, cosmetics, and food. If PG is ingested in large enough quantities it has side effects including but not limited to allergic reactions, toxicity, and respiratory issues.


The evidence appears to be conclusive that natural plant-based ingredients have nutrients and benefits that our hair needs. Synthetic oils don’t make the cut. You need products that contain the best ingredients and that’s because you and your hair deserve it.

You can’t go wrong if your hair products have any or all the above natural ingredients, they are made by nature and are not synthesized to imitate natural ingredients. Isn’t it cool to know that nature has provided exactly what our hair follicles need to thrive and be healthy!!

Luxju Natural Hair Products have formulated a nourishing hair crème that’s designed to support your natural hair health. It has the quality ingredients listed in this article in abundance and so much more. It also moisturizes, softens and adds sheen to your natural hair. Shop here for yours today.

Luxju Natural Hair Products

Luxju Natural Hair Products Company is a natural hair care range designed for those who want to embrace their natural hair with confidence, clarity and charisma to ultimately experience luxurious


  • Rae Talks

    This is a great question. my hair regime is 80% natural minus my conditioner. I have been toying with the idea of using less natural products as I do think they get the job done.

    • Thank you Rae,
      It is great that you use natural products in your regimen. Incorporating products with fewer natural ingredients in your regimen periodically may work, whilst you ensure that these products do not cause buildup or your hair to become dry.

  • Louiza-Rae

    I have been using Luxju on my nine year old daughters hair. Luxju has a nice creamy moistue to it. It gives my daughter lovely moist define curls.

    • Thank you Louiza-Rae,
      Luxju’s nourishing hair creme is very moisturizing, it defines curls and brings out the natural curl pattern.


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