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Posted August 3, 2018
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We have reached that time of year again when we struggle to decide what natural hair products we should take on holiday!

In the past I have always battled with not being able to decide what natural hair products I need to take so that my natural hair can stay looking fabulous. Well ladies I now think I have found the perfect combination of products to take on holiday to keep your tresses in good condition and looking fly.

Natural hair travel essential No. 1 – Conditioner

Before I go away I always give my hair a shampoo cleanse and a good deep condition so that when I am away all I will need to do is co wash. All conditioners have cleansing agents in them which will give your hair a gentle cleanse which is all you really need when you are away. I would also suggest taking a conditioner which is a great at detangling so that you can easily restyle from a twist out to a wash and go look.

Natural hair travel essential No. 2 – Butter

Taking a creamy butter will help keep your tresses moisturised in the heat if you are vacationing in a hot country. After you have given your hair a gentle cleanse with conditioner it is important to lock that moisture in with a sealant such as a moisturising butter. If you want to achieve a defined twist or braid out a butter will help you accomplish this. If you are using a butter such as shea butter it will also double up as the most perfect skin moisturiser. For a DIY butter mixture click here to watch our video

Natural hair travel essential No. 3 – Oil

An oil mixture may be a good substitute to a butter as it is slightly lighter on the hair which will not weigh down your hair if you have fine strands. Oil is also a great moisturiser and will keep the crunch at bay if you want to achieve a crunch free wash and go. If you want to know how to make a nourishing hair mixture click here to watch our video.

Natural hair travel essential No. 4 – Gel

If you want a sleek hairstyle then taking a gel on holiday will help you achieve this look also it will help it achieving that perfect defined wash and go which lasts. I prefer to take aloe vera gel which can be doubled up as a cooling aftersun lotion.

Other essentials which are very useful to take on your travels are bobby pins, you can never take too many as they will always get lost! Claw clips and hair bands are also great to take along for keeping your up whilst in the pool or just to create a fabulous hairstyle.

Happy Travels


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