Must Have Natural Hair Products Whilst Travelling


Posted June 28, 2017
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Must Have Natural Hair Products Whilst Travelling

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The summer holidays are almost here! For the organised bunch, they will have already booked up for a vaycay or a staycay.

When going on vacation I know that I always leave packing until last minute, literally a few hours before I am due to leave. The difficultly I have had in the past is knowing what natural hair products to pack so that my natural hair remains moisturised and looking at it’s best.

In my product cabinet at home I have a mixture of lotions and potions to create the different styles I want to achieve, but going on holiday – can us naturals realistically can take our whole product cabinet with us? With the hair products alone our suitcases would be overweight. What if we can survive on just 3 natural hair products that will cleanse, moisturise and create our achieved styles? Well, we can because I have done it. My product must haves whilst on vacation are:

Giovanni smooth as silk deeper moisture conditioner

Conditioners have mild cleansing agents in them, so I can leave the sulphate free shampoo in my product cabinet. The Giovanni Smooth as silk has a dual purpose as you can cleanse, detangle and condition as well. I would suggest finding yourself a good conditioner without silicones and parabens to use as your cleanser, detangle and deep condition. With that product you will be able to cover the 3 most important areas of the natural hair wash day process.

Shea Butter

Although I don’t speak often of using shea butter, it is one of my must haves because it’s a great sealant and creates great definition for a twist out and even a wash ‘n’ go look without the crunchy hold. I must add that when I take shea butter on holiday, not only is it for my hair but also for my skin! My shea butter is mixed with jojoba oil which is good for hair and skin; I also add coconut oil for extra moisture.

Aloe Vera Gel

If you don’t fancy having your hair out on vacation and you want to tame those fly aways, then aloe vera does the job you can even create a more defined wash ‘n’ go with this product. I use aloe vera gel to sleek down my edges; it’s a natural product without the alcohol which is gentle on the hair. Aloe vera gel also doubles up as a great after sun treatment for sunburn.

That is my list of must have natural hair products when on vacation. As you can see it is not an extensive list and it will help you to maintain healthy natural hair whilst on holiday. In addition, 2 of these products can be used on your skin also. I can survive with these products for at least 7 days, I say 7 days because I haven’t tried any longer. If you feel as though you would struggle with 3 products then you may like to add a leave-in conditioner if your hair would need more moisture. Or if shea butter is too heavy on your hair, then a good oil mixture of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, castor oil and avocado oil will act as a sealant on natural hair and works perfectly on the skin.

I hope everyone enjoys their summer holidays.

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  • Rae Talks

    Yes Shea butter is a must for me!

    • Kara

      Shea butter is a great all rounder. I like to use it on my hair and skin ?


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