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Posted February 22, 2018
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Hello! My name is Qwania and you may recognise me as natural hair blogger of Naturalista4me.

I’m from a small town that is popular for their sweet onions – Vidalia, GA and married with four children, recently taking a leap of faith by relocating to Tennessee to grow in my purpose.

My natural hair journey began in 2012 when I big chopped after transitioning for one year. I did not plan on returning natural when I stopped relaxing my hair, I just did not want to relax my hair while pregnant, so I wore protective and transitioning styles. July of 2012 my husband gave me a big chop and so the journey began.

I have always had a love for hair as my grandmother had a salon when I was a child. I spent many days and nights there watching her, and the other stylists build confidence in their customers. I began to practice doing hair on my grandmother’s mannequin doll heads at the young age of seven. Not only am I passionate about hair care but I am passionate about the overall well being of a person.

Qwania Natural Hair Journey

I do not remember my grandmother styling natural hair, but I do remember the smells of relaxer, jerry curl kits, spritz and hot curler stoves. After my big chop I had to teach myself how to care for my texture. In the beginning, my hairstyles did not always turn out how I expected them too, but I quickly learned how I could turn that failed hairdo into something that works.

I decided to start a YouTube channel, Naturalista4me, to share my journey. I am now on a semi free form loc journey, but I still share information about all-natural hair types, loose and locked. I also have two daughters whom are loose natural. I transitioned my oldest daughter from relaxed to natural and my youngest has never had a relaxer.

Qwania Natural Hair Journey

I approach hair growth differently than many as I focus on it from the inside out. For example, many whom are dealing with hair loss or thinning hair have underlying health conditions that are a contributing factor. We can purchase every product on the shelf but if our inner is not healthy, it will reflect on our outer appearance (skin and hair).

Qwania Natural Hair Journey

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with everyone and boosting confidence around the globe. I organize and host workshops so that I can be face to face with others and connect. I love to connect. I hope to see you at a workshop someday!


Contributing Writer @ Natural Curlies

I am a wife, mother and holistic hair growth coach. I educate and empower through my blog, Naturalista4me, social media platforms and workshops I organise or guest attend. I specialises in helping others to achieve and maintain healthy growing hair from a holistic perspective by focusing on the overall balance of the mind, body and soul.

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