5 Easy ways to manifest natural hair growth – WARNING this post will change your natural hair journey.


Posted August 22, 2016
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How to grow long hair

Kara @ natural curlies

I am a firm believer in manifestation, I just didn’t know this until I embarked on my journey to healthy natural hair and yes us curly hair girls can manifest longer hair into our lives as well as much more! I did it and so can you.

What is manifestation I hear you whisper to your self? I am about to give you a very simple explanation; if we truly believe something will happen our energy will align with this purpose and it will happen. It’s as simple as that. I guess you have heard of people manifesting love or money into their lives by completely changing there attitude, well I am going to tell you the steps of how to do this to achieve long natural curly hair.


Growing up I hadn’t really seen black women with long hair, so I didn’t think curly, kinky hair had the ability to grow longer than shoulder length unless black women were mixed with another ethnicity. Yes I know that may sound ridiculous to some but if you are surrounded by black women who haven’t been taught how to care for their curly hair, this is a reality for some as it was for me. I had the attitude that my hair wouldn’t grow beyond shoulder length and I could only reach this length if my hair had been straightened. I was brainwashed I had to change my attitude towards if I was going to get my natural hair to grow.

I was having a moan to a family member about the state of my curly hair and that the hairdressers even though they claimed to care for natural hair, the truth is they didn’t have clue what they were doing. The only suggestion made to manage my natural hair was to cut inches upon inches every time I visited. My cousin took pity on me and suggested that I take a look at YouTube. YouTube was still very new and I had never looked on it for anything but I took her advice. I typed natural hair care in the search bar and blow me way there was a sea of black women, with different textured hair sharing their natural hair secrets. I was in or all these black women with long natural hair, as soon as I saw that I new I could grow my hair too.


Manifestation is all about self belief! Once the myths of ‘black peoples hair doesn’t grow’ were put to rest by seeing black woman with long hair on YouTube, I began to believe that I could achieve long hair.  If they can achieve this, so can I right? You see if you do not truly believe in your self and your capabilities your less likely to fully achieve what you want. In relation to natural hair if I half heartily took to caring for my natural hair I wouldn’t have grown my hair to the length it is today. I had to fully embrace my hair for what it was, the length the texture and density, me being able to fully accept my hair gave me the believe that I could achieve longer natural hair.


So now I am on top of the world I can achieve anything including longer natural hair. Manifestation isn’t only about thinking but it is also about the doing. Now it’s time to start respecting and nurturing my delicate fine curly hair. I hate to say but I disrespected my hair, I treated it like it wasn’t mine and I didn’t care if I were to lose it. But that is not what I intended, I just didn’t know any better. I am sure a lot of you can resonate with this? I began to use products which were less harsh on my hair, I used less heat and decreased on the amount of manipulation I was doing to my hair. I was truly beginning to manifest longer natural hair into my life as I noticed my hair was beginning to show signs of health and growth.


I am strong believer in surrounding yourself with those you what to be like or have similar believes and aspirations to yourself. If you surround yourself with those who continuously choose not to value and are negative towards there natural hair the only thing that they will be attracting are bad vibes. I had to release myself from the negative talk of others and immerse myself amongst the natural hair community where there was nothing but positivity and love for natural hair.This didn’t necessarily mean going to natural hair events but what that meant for me was, subscribing to amazing natural hair sisters on YouTube, connecting with others through Facebook joining natural hair pages and Instagram.


I read books searched the web for what would work for my texture hair. A lot of my journey was about trail and error, what worked for someone on YouTube didn’t always work for me. Education will truly set you free.

One thing I never did in natural hair journey was give up hope. I always believed in the beauty of my natural hair and how it has the capability of growing to longer lengths I can imagine!

If you would like more details on how to manifest natural hair growth check out the video below

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