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Posted August 22, 2016
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Natural Hair journey with Tamara

My journey back to natural began several years ago.

In my twelve years of chemically straightening my hair, thankfully I didn’t experience any hair tradgedies. I began embracing my natural hair texture 10 years ago when I became pregnant. And just like that I decided that I no longer wanted to put harsh chemicals anywhere near to my body. I wasn’t brave enough to do a big chop, so transitioned by growing out my chemically treated hair and flat ironing my natural hair roots so it blended as it grew. With the pregnancy my natural hair grew at speed, so the transitioning process didn’t last that long until my hair was shoulder length and all natural.

I would wash and blow it out then flat iron it and brush it back into a bun. Yeah, I was still getting to grips with my natural hair texture and wasn’t yet fully embracing my coils and curls. I was totally clueless, so I started looking on youtube and discovered hair videos and Shea butter. Wow, ladies were making their own hair products with natural ingredients and my sister was always inspiring me with stunning styles that where always on point.

I quickly took to the idea of making my own hair product and would experiment in my kitchen with oils and Shea butter. Fast forward two and half years later and I was no longer blowing my hair out or flat ironing it. Instead I was twisting it and it just felt good. I began to feel liberated and comfortable wearing my crown. A number of evolutionary changes took place and five years ago I decided to embrace a plant-based diet and life style.

The experience of wearing my hair natural has most definitely created a new type of love of self. Before my journey back to natural, I used products with little regard for it’s ingredients with a mindset that it must be okay to use if it’s on the shelves right? Wrong. When your dealing with your hair in it’s natural state, the knock on effect is that you tend to want to use products containing natural ingredients, and after twelve years on the creamy crack, aka chemical hair straighter, my hair deserved better.  It deserved love.


My journey back to natural made me read ingredients in even more detail and I quickly discovered other ingredients from nature. Well, from there on I decided that I wanted only the natural foods and ingredients for my hair and body. And this website is a good extension of my evolutionary turn in life.


Co-founding Director @ Natural Curlies

Enjoying the evolution of me by living life on purpose, staying healthy, loving, laughing and creating good times. Coupled with my love of natural hair and the importance of health & wellbeing.

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