Hair Moisturising Tips for Autumn

Posted November 18, 2016
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Moisturising hair tips for autumn - Natural Curlies

Autumn is upon us and, if the chill in air that came with the clocks going back is any indication, winter isn’t far behind.

Amongst now having to layer our outfits, it’s time to start adding some extra precautions to our hair care regimens.Here are a few tips to ensure your hair retains moisture this autumn.


Gentle cleanser

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Gentle cleansers

Clarifying your hair creates a clean base for an effective moisture retention routine. Even if you decide to Co-wash during the colder months, making sure you still include a Sulfate-free shampoo in your routine is a great first step to removing product build up and keeping your tresses moisturised, clean and soft to the touch. If you like to go the holistic route, cleansing clays like bentonite and rhassoul are great for cleansing your hair and scalp without having to compromise moisture.

Deep Treatments

If you weren’t deep conditioning your hair before, now is as good a time as ever. As the weather gets colder it robs moisture from our hair and skin. A moisturising deep conditioning treatment will replenish the lost moisture and repair the hair from daily wear and tear. Using a deep conditioner to maintain your hair’s protein/moisture balance will be beneficial to the strength of your strands . You don’t have to use protein too frequently but incorporating it into your monthly routine or using it as and when needed would do your hair some good.

Moisturising methods

Photo: Youtube – NaturalCurliesTV

Moisturising methods

I’m sure you’re familiar with the LOC and LCO methods. If not, then it’s good to know that L stands for liquid, O stands for oil and C stands for cream. Their order represents the order in which you should layer your moisturising products for optimal moisture retention. High porosity hair will benefit from using heavier oils, butters and creams. Low porosity hair will benefit from still keeping products light but sealing in moisture with a cream will ensure great moisture retention.

Protective styling

Photo: Youtube – NaturalCurliesTV

Protective style

Keeping those ends tucked away will ensure your moisture is retained for longer periods of time. Whether you use extensions, weaves or wigs as long as you are properly maintaining your hair underneath, keeping your hair tucked away after properly moisturising it will allow it some rest during these colder months. Wearing your natural hair in updo, Twist and braid styles are also a great way to allow your hair to retain as much moisture as it can.


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