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Posted July 20, 2018
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There is something so beautifully mesmerising about a head of well-done cornrows, canerows or braids.

Whenever I can they’re my number one go to hairstyle and I absolutely love wearing my hair in cornrows styles.

Wearing our hair in cornrows dates back many many centuries ago and is an ancient African tradition that still lives with us today, proudly sitting at the cornerstone of natural hairstyling for men, women and children.

The styling versatility is second to none and continues to mystify the laws of creativity. The intricate detail, time and love that goes into cornrow styling is magical.

Not only are cornrows good for protective styling during the winter months, moisture control, low maintainance or just basic all rounder’s. Just like wearing a free forming afro, so to speak, it gives life to simply doing you and is a celebration of ancient African history.

I remember as a young child that my mum would often cornrow my hair. Something I now carry onwards with my children. I know it as the best way to take care of my hair when I feel like my hair maybe going through the motions and is in need of some tender loving care or when I’m pressed for time on just about everything! – that and jazzing up my crown.

Tip: Find yourself a good stylist who will give you the style perfection you are looking for. Who is careful with your delicate edges and hair type.

And definitely a stylist who is mindful of the level of tension that is being applied when styling the cornrows, so much so that you won’t be left with a headache and constant raised eyebrows for several days haha.

Jokies aside, on that note you can’t go wrong.

So, without further delay here are some inspirational cornrow styles we think you may love. Take a look at these styles and let us know if you’ve been inspired by commenting below. We’d love to know. Enjoy!


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