Beauty Bloggers Awards 2016


Posted October 11, 2016
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Beauty Blogger Awards

Hey guys, so I went to the 2016 Beauty Bloggers awards which took place at Kensington Olympia.

The awards are hosted by one of the UK’s premier beauty trade events and ran over two days on 1st and 2nd October 2016 with a select number of exhibitors but a full schedule of workshops throughout the day.

In my opinion this event was made to make bloggers feel extremely special. As I walked up to the pillar Gallery there was a red carpet awaiting, I have never trodden on a red carpet before! At the door I was handed this huge pink bag filled with beauty products. When I entered the the gallery I was pounced on and offered a glass of presecco ahhhh could life get any better?

I wandered around for a bit trying to find my way, vlogging as I went, which might I add is quite difficult in public by yourself if your not used to it. Any who….I managed to chat with a couple of brands and signed my life away in exchange for a freebie!! Only joking but I did get the freebies.

The live stage saw guest speakers from the Beauty blogging world, journalism and businesses such as Youtube. The workshops included; how to inspire your readers, how to run a success beauty blog on a budget, how to monetise your channel, beauty for the multicultural audience, how to grow your audience on YouTube and lots more. I didn’t get to see all the workshops as I only attended on the Sunday. I think these workshops are amazing for those who are just starting out on there blogging journey. Personally from the workshops I attended I didn’t pick up any new information but they reinforced what I already knew.

Beauty Bloggers

One of the most useful things from this event is that it created an amazing space for bloggers to network, share ideas and learn. The big comfy chairs and cosy open plan setting made it easy to dip in and out of what you wanted to achieve from the event. Whether it be listening to workshops, networking with businesses or fellow bloggers.

What was disappointing was the low numbers on the Sunday, the numbers increased when it was time for the award ceremony but then frazzled back down again after that was over. Also there appeared to be a lack of representation from ethnic backgrounds, bearing in mind I can only speak for the Sunday that I was there. I hope that next year we can see a multicultural diverse range of award nominees and hopefully a winner!

Overall it was an enjoyable event to attend and I will be going again next year. You never know it might be Natural Curlies up on that stage in a years time!

See you in the next one curlies

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