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Natural Curlies prides itself on having a thorough understanding on the very essence of naturally curly hair and the life that comes with it. We predominately attract a female audience aged between 18 – 34 spanning across 4 continents. Many of whom are returning to their natural hair texture and seeking guidance and information on naturally curly hair, caring for natural hair, natural hair products, natural hair styles, natural hair inspiration and health & wellbeing whether it be for themselves, friends, family or partners. We connect with them all.

With a successful launch in 2013 across the popular social networks and with only single sign up page as our web space; this has attracted more than 1000 subscribers. We have been appeared on, Black Girl Long Hair, Frizzle TV, Care For Your Hair and Hug my hair.

We are an innovative brand who aim to deliver ever evolving creatives. Essentially we’d love to form partnerships that are mutually beneficial and complementary to our community and for your brand.

Our media pack is currently being updated and will be available shortly.

How we can work together?

Banner ads

We accept the following formats: Jpeg, PNG, GIF and HTML

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300×250 and 300×600 ad space

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Product Review

We pride ourselves on having a thorough understanding of naturally curly hair texture and as such produce high quality, engaging and helpful content and because we value and are committed to the success of our community members and audience, only provide honest, clear and straight to the point transparent reviews.
Take a look at this example to get an idea of the quality we produce.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.


This option is ideal if you are launching a new product or service and would like to provide your target audience with detailed information about your brand or simply just reach out. We provide your brand with a single dedicated page including banners and or video. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

In-house creative services

We provide the option to create your banner ads. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.