About Natural Curlies

Natural Curlies is a growing holistic independent online platform that takes a fresh approach to embracing naturally curly hair and life that comes with it.

Founded by a team of talented individuals who have been serving the naturally curly hair community since 2013 take pride in having a thorough understanding on caring for naturally curly hair. As such, we believe in empowering and serving our audience with useful and trusted tips and advice that can easily be absorbed and understood on the go.

We partner with haircare, beauty, skincare and wellness brands which promote the use of natural, organic and gentle ingredients and also a lifestyle which reflects the same.

Much of our content is not only in favour of natural haircare, natural/whole foods, ethical goods / living, travel, yoga and mind/body/soul advice, but we also believe in empowering like minded businesses and individuals with a platform to showcase themselves to an audience with a interest in this area.

We connect with a female audience from far and wide spanning across 4 continents. These women are youthful and energetic with a love of getting back to all things natural and holistic. They are certain about what the want to achieve and certain about connecting with like minded individuals who they can share their experiences and interests with.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the world’s number one most influential and helpful natural hair and lifestyle community for curly haired men and women everywhere.