About Natural Curlies

Born out of London, UK with a love of naturally curly hair & the lifestyle, Natural Curlies is a trusted and growing independent online platform that takes a fresh approach to embracing naturally curly hair and life that comes with it.

Co-founded by a team of talented individuals who have been serving the naturally curly hair community since 2013, take pride in having a thorough understanding on caring for naturally curly hair and as such take a holistic approach to caring for the delicate curly hair type so that it grows to it’s maximum potential.

We promote health & wellness so that the naturally curly person is at thier healthiest, and partner with like minded brands, services and contributors who all want to share the knowledge and benefits of sourcing and using natural hair & beauty products together with embracing the life that comes with it.


Our mission

Our mission is to be the world’s number one most influential and helpful natural hair and lifestyle community for curly haired men and women everywhere.