9 Clip-in brands for your natural hair

9 clip-in brands for your natural hair

@Jessica Felicio

As more and more women with naturally curly hair are trading in their chemical hair relaxers and silky straight wigs ‘n’ weaves in exchange for their kinks, coils, curls and waves.

With it has come the demand for natural hair clip-in extensions that match the versatility of the naturally curly hair types, coupled with brands that understand at good detail how to cater to the needs of women who are embracing their kinks, coils and curls.

Whether you are newbie to you’re natural hair texture or a fully-fledged natural hair pro, natural hair clip-ins can work for us all no matter what stage you are at on your hair journey. With clip-ins you have the convenience of cutting a lot of time off your wash days or daily hair routine. So if you’ve stepped in late from a busy day or roll out of bed with a wash’n’go that’s flat on one side, you know can reach for those clip-ins to style up your crown nicely.

They’re great for allowing us to be experimental in many ways. Short afro one day, a more fuller and lengthy wash ‘n’ go style the next. You get my drift. But before I get down to sharing these brands with you and if you are a conscious shopper, like myself, many of the brands listed have stated the hair has been ethically sourced or have made a preference to sell only synthetic hair.

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Kurly Klips

9 clip in brands for your natural hair

@Kurly Klips

Kurlyklips was born out of a salon catastrophe experienced by the founder, much to her disappointment, but with every disappointment comes a blessing and with that Kurlyklips got into DIY mode for the love empowering women in their personal hair care journeys and got to work researching and sourcing the quality hair with a vision to create more options for consumers to have and as such created curly textured clip-in hair extensions. Wow, that’s the way to do it! Since then Kurlyklips has been named best in black beauty 2016 by Essence magazine.

Shop here for your clip-ins. Use code: naturalcurlies to receive 10% off. Offer ends December 2018.


Curl Sistas

9 clip in brands for your natural hair

@Curl sistas

Curl sistas was launched in 2014 by husband and wife team Joy and Obi. With a solid background in fashion their vision is to empower women with natural hair through hair education, their natural hair products and resources needed to effectively style their hair.

Check out their store here.


To All My Black Girls

9 clip-in brands for your natural hair

@To all my black girls

Founded in 2016 by Anu Obe, To All My Black Girls was born from a lack of finding suitable natural kinky coarse hair texture hair extensions that matched her hair type. As a Black African woman found that it was necessary to support black women in this area by creating a brand which catered to just that.

Shop here for your clip-ins. And use discount code: happy 10


Her Given Hair

9 clip in brands for your natural hair

@Her Given Hair

Founded in 2015 and created to give women with naturally curly hair the opportunity to change their look without the feeling that they were changing themselves created a natural hair weft that mirrors their very own hair texture with added benefit of switching up it’s length, hair colour and thickness to their own liking and mood.

Check out their store here.


Bounce Essentials Africa

9 clip in brands for your natural hair

@Bounce Essentials

Not only have Bounce clip-ins created a good variety of natural hair clip-ins, their shop also includes something for the younger naturally curly haired girls by offering a super cute collection of lovable kinky and coily hair textured afro fashionista dolls that we just love. On top of that they are Corporate Social Responsibility brand and work together with Uhambo Africa by raising funds for the charity.

Shop here for your clip-ins.


Heat Free Hair

9 Clip_in brands for your natural hair

@Heat Free Hair

With a number one priority to serve quality hair that feels real and lasts, the Heat Free Hair brand journey with their product from the factory to the consumer placing good measure to ensure that the right hair is sourced, customized and delivered as good match to the needs of your hair type.

Shop here for your clip-ins.


Big Hair No Care

9 clip-in brands for your natural hair

@ Big hair no care

Big Hair No care are an ethical brand that make synthetic hair their preffered choice due to much of the human hair market being unregulated. Frustrated by the lack of quality synthetic hair extensions, founder Freddie Harrel a top UK fashion blogger and confidence coach set about designing easy to use premium realistic clip-ins that are low maintenance, thicker and lightweight fibers that match the natural hair type textures.

Shop here for your clip-ins.



9 clip-in brands for your natural hair


Founder Vivian Kaye began searching for hair textures which blended seamlessly with her hair type after trailing through many YouTube vids of women torturing their own hair type to blend with the Brazilian and Peruvain hair type and after doing the research, tada KinkyCurlyYaki was born.

Shop at their store here to receive 10% or use code: naturalcurlies18. Offer ends September 2018.



9 clip-in brands for your natural hair


Founders Waveney and Ruben decided to launch themselves into the hair industry after a trip to the grocery store and a few ideas later launched a beauty brand with a vision to beautify the naturally curly woman even more.

Shop here for your clip-ins.

Feature Image Credit: By Jessica Felicio


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