5 things to consider before you get a pixie cut

Akhilaa Lakshmin

Posted October 30, 2018
In Hair Care

I got a short hair cut during the summer of eighth grade, and since then my hair has grown back to the original length before I cut it.

The day I cut off 14 inches of my hair was such a refreshing experience beyond what words can explain. Having the wind on my back, the low maintenance, the short, cropped hair. I loved it all! But below are a few things you should consider before chopping it all off.

The Grow Out Phase Vs. Constant Haircut.

This is a big one. If you think your hair grows slow, you won’t think so after you get a pixie! I opted for the grow out phase, and it was hard! You’ll have pieces of hair of all different lengths, and having curly hair makes it harder! Due its structure, it tends to grow sideways, upwards, downward etc. Essentially, it won’t lay flat or stay without sticking up. Unless you cut your hair pretty short! Which I did when I first cut my hair and really loved it! Maintaining this style as I said is difficult on the wallet since you will need constant haircut appointments, unless however you are pretty handy with a pair of scissors- in that case be careful!

No More Ponytails and Buns

As a long haired person, a bad hair day almost always results in a ponytail or bun. Not the case for a short haircut or a pixie! Depending on your length and texture styling in the morning can take anywhere from no time to time for styling with bobby pins and hair product. Be aware of this if you are interested in a pixie for it low maintenance!


I had to include this because it really took me by surprise! Comments will ensue, some possibly worse then when you chose to go natural! People will call you a “boy”, or say you look like one. If you love the ‘do then rock it and ignore the haters!

Keep Your Texture In Mind!

I didn’t, which is why I’m letting you know before its too late! As mentioned in #1, having my hair super short was super nice, but the rate of growth led to hair going every which way. The grow out phase wasn’t cute, kind of due to the fact that my texture wanted to grow out into ringlets. This is related closely with #5 so take a look at that!

Choose the right stylist!

Work with a stylist that knows your texture and what you want it style that works for your daily style. I wish I had to opportunity to go to a Deva Stylist when I did my drastic haircut! Finding someone who knows your curl type and what styles work best for you and your face shape are essential! Do your research, and the results will be good.

Good luck, and remember, most hair can be donated to help spread joy to those who need it!

Akhilaa Lakshmin

I am a high schooler from North Carolina, originally from New Jersey. I am passionate about reaping the benefits of Mother Nature and embracing naturally curly hair! I love to sing and create music, which is a passion of mine I always try to exceed in.

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