5 Back to School Hacks for Natural Hair


Posted September 1, 2016
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It is that time again, my how those 6 weeks have flown by so quickly, or you may be thinking it hasn’t come quick enough!

For some it will be the first day of primary school or high school. Whatever stage of school you or your children are at, you will need these ‘5 Back to School Hacks for Natural Hair’ to get through each term of the school year, stress free.

Apple cider vinegar rinse

Apple Cider vinegar

Head Lice

OK so I know you are thinking people with kinky, curly hair do not get head lice. Let me just bust a little myth. We do! Not as commonly as our straight haired friends but We Do! When my son was 7 he decided to bring his little brown friends home. I was in shock and wouldn’t let his head touch mine for about a month. I walked around with my head scarf on constantly in fear of these blood sucking beasts. As I am writing this my head is itching me! Before you do any type of styling for school, I urge you to do an apple cider vinegar rinse. This acts as a natural head lice repellent as the acidity will discourage lice from taking up residency in you or your child’s head.

Back to school corn rows

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Low Manipulation Hair Styling.

I remember sitting in between my mums’ legs and having to put my head in some of the most awkward positions. It was always worth it though; I always had the best cornrows in the class. Cornrows and twists are some of the most useful low manipulation hairstyles for school. You only have to redo the style on a weekly basis that is depending on the size. Cornrows are great because you can be so creative with the style; you will have people wondering how an earth you managed to create a piece of art work on your child’s head. Twists are also amazing as you can change up the style on a daily basis. Out one day, buns the next, maybe even a cute up-do the possibilities are endless.

Back to school braids

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Longer Term Hair Styling

Hair extensions are a useful styling method if you do not want to restyle your hair or your child’s hair on a weekly basis. I must say I have never been keen with seeing young girls with extensions, but my gripe is seeing long extensions which doesn’t fit with the age of the child. Recently I have seen natural looking textured synthetic hair being used which I feel looks more child friendly. Hair extensions can last up to a maximum of 8 weeks but I would start to think about taking them down at 6 weeks.  This is great option for you if you feel you have little time to restyle on a weekly basis.


Keep moisturising your hair and your little one’s hair during the week. You do not want to go weeks without moisturising, lack of moisturising can lead to hair breakage. If the hair is dry when taking out styles you may find a lot of that potential growth on the floor due to breakage. When moisturising always use a liquid first such as water and then you can follow up with a shea butter or any other butter or oil.

Conditioner Washing

Children scalps don’t tend to get dry or build up issues like adults, so a simple conditioner wash (CO wash) will help keep the scalp stay nice and clean. Wearing a long term protective style isn’t an excuse not to keep your scalp clean, so co wash at least once a week if you can. This is to avoid your scalp pores getting blocked which could affect the rate of hair growth.

Follow these steps and you will be on your way to a stress free school term. Natural Curlies wishes everyone starting school in the coming week a good first day back. Especially to those moving into primary school and high school, we know that transition can be tough…more so for the parents!!

Big hugs and curls,

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