5 Advantages Of Having Natural Hair


Posted May 16, 2018
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We all know there are pros and cons to everything in life. Why should your natural hair be any different?

I’m here to tell you 5 advantages of having natural hair. Forget the cons, we’ll get to those later lol.

5 Advantages Of Having Natural Hair

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Whether it be twist-outs, braid-outs, or wearing it in a big fro. Having kinky coils mean you can try all the natural styles you want! There are different techniques for all textures. Check out some my favorite youtube channels for inspiration:

Jewellianna Palencia
Jaelah Majette
Kaice Alea
Jasmine Brown – also known as Jasmeannn on Instagram!

Rain? No problem

When others are running from the rain, trying not to get their leave out wet. Don’t worry, you can walk as slow as you want to lol. But don’t get soaked!

Conversation starters

Not to boast, but having natural hair of any texture is a conversation starter. “What products do you use?” “How long have you been natural?” “Omg I love your hair!” People will look, they will ask! So don’t feel like you’re being picked on when people stare. Engage, answer their questions. Your hair is poppin’!

Patience, young grasshopper

Growing your natural hair takes PATIENCE and lots of it. It will teach you to try different options, trial and error, messing up a few times just to get that twist out just right! Your texture may not be like the next persons so don’t get discouraged.


Not only will your natural hair teach you patience, it will teach you how to love and grow confident in it. At first, I hated my hair! The coils, the curls, the texture, BLAH. I was also afraid to wear it out in my workplace. One day I found the courage to wear it in its natural state and I haven’t went back since! Confidence is key, wear your natural, YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL.

There are many more advantages to being natural, but these are my favorites! Comment down below what your favorite advantage(s) is with having natural hair.



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