3 Easy How To Styles for Naturally Curly Hair


Posted April 1, 2018
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Natural hair is far from boring. Would you agree? Many have the misconception that being natural means rocking your afro only. Rocking your afro is just one of the styling options that you have.

I want to share a story before I get into sharing some styling options with you. I was contacted by a lady on Facebook and she expressed to me that she was upset because she did not want to relax her hair, but her husband told her she had to, or they would not work out.

She shared with me that he says she looks unkept and it was embarrassing. I asked her whether he liked other styles that she does with her hair and she stated, “I do not do any styles”. I googled some hair style options for her and showed her some to try.

A few days later she messaged me and said she tried one of the styles and her husband loved it. The problem was not that he did not like her natural hair, he wanted to see something different. She was willing to compromise and change her style up every now and then. The hair style she chose to do was easy breezy and I will be sharing it with you.

Now for some hair style options! I’ll first start with the one I shared with the young lady.

3 Easy How To Styles FOr Naturally Curly Hair

Two Strand Twist Out with Perm Rollers

You will need

Wide tooth comb or detangling brush
Product of choice,  Shea butter, cream, custards, gels, leave in conditioner


1. Start with clean damp hair
2. Section hair in 4 big sections (part from middle of forehead towards mid nape, then ear to ear
3. Start at one section by parting an approximately 1 inch -2-inch section.
4. Detangle the smaller section
5. Apply product of choice
6. Split section into two equal pieces
7. Twirl the two strands around each other until you reach the end of the hair strand.

Tip: Do not borrow hair from the strands if you fall short of having equal pieces. You would need to start over to prevent the knotting of your hair.

8. Continue this process until complete.
9. Add perm rollers to the end of your twists. (optional)
10. Dry options: overnight, air dry throughout the day, hood dryer.
11. Once dry, unravel twist starting from the tip making your way towards the root.
12. Fluff/lift your roots to cover section partings using a wide tooth comb or other tool of choice.

Whoolah! Job well done!

Two Strand Twist Out with Perm Roller Video Tutorial

A two-strand twist out creates more of an S wavy look in texture. If you prefer crinklier, try this next hairstyle.

3 Easy How To Styles For Naturally Curly Hair

Braid Out

You will need:

Tail comb, wide tooth comb and/or detangling brush
Products of choice Shea butter, cream, custards, gels, leave in conditioner


1. Start with clean damp hair.
2. Determine if you would like a part on the left-side, right-side, middle or not at all.
3. Part hair (This is your starter/guide point for twisting. It also determines how your hair will fall.)
4. Starting from the part (if you chose to have one), section hair vertically starting from the top of the head or part that you have put in place) towards the neck creating a neat up and down parting.
5. Apply product and detangle section
6. Braid section down to the scalp
7. Repeat directions four and six until complete.
8. Drying options: overnight, air dry during the day, hooded dryer
9. Once dry, undo braids and fluff/lift roots to cover partings.

Say, what about those days when you do not have time to braid and twist? You can always go with this next option for any occasion.

High Puff

I believe everyone, and their Mama can rock a puff. Adding accessories to this hair style make it elegant for a special occasion. If you need to exercise, a puff is a great go too!

You will need

1 detangling brush, 1 brush to smooth sides.
Products of choice – Tip- select a product with a good hold.
Hair Tie


1. Start with moisturized hair.
2. Detangle hair (if needed)
3. Apply holding product to outside edges of the hair to help achieve a sleek look.
4. Use brush or hands to smooth the hair in an upward motion towards the crown of the head.
5. Secure hair at the crown of the head.

These are three of the easiest styles to do when you want to simplify your natural hair styles. Style outcomes will vary from person to person as you are unique! Do not become discouraged if it does not work out as you have expected. If one product does not work, try the style again with a different one. Try and try again. You got this!


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