12 makeup brands that are vegan and cruelty free

Jessica Walker

Posted May 8, 2018
In Beauty & Skincare

As I’m staring out of my plane window with an over priced beverage, I think about my spending habits: Do I buy what I actually want, or do I buy what I’m told to by mass marketing?

I know that I want to buy organic-vegan-friendly-cruelty-free BOB products but the maths is simple; we don’t buy these items because they are not given visibility and are therefore not made accessible to us. In duty free I was of course drawn to MAC and Chanel’s cosmetics stands, but couldn’t help but wonder where the more ethical and culturally diverse products were. (For those of you who don’t yet have a Twitter account, BOB stands for Black Owned Business and there are plenty of threads and conversations to scroll through so get cracking!)

In an industry this big, we know that the products we want are out there, we simply have to give them space in the foreground. So sit back with your beverage of choice and get click-happy because this listicle I have made will point you in the right direction:

The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar’s website with its super bold lipsticks in their architecturally stunning cases and even more radiant models in headscarves gave me so much life!

12 makeup and beauty brands-_that are vegan & cruelty free

Beauty Bakerie

Beauty Bakerie was started by a woman who wanted to create a brand that contradicted the popular ‘bad girl’ persona, and oh boy did she do well! Leave your Benefit and Soap & Glory coins for this beautiful company!

12 makeup brands that are vegan and cruelty free

@Beauty Bakery


Bee-Q-Box is truly something else, their website rains diamonds and lightning bolts and is the proud owner of their famous “F*CKBOY REPELLENT”.

12 makeup and beauty brands-_that are vegan & cruelty free


Milani Cosmetics

Whilst Milani Cosmetics is not vegan as some of their products contain beeswax, they are cruelty free with beautiful packaging that could give Mac and Revolution a run for their money!


@Milani Cosmetics

Mented Cosmetics

When stumbling upon this website I knew this was a cosmetic company with Earth in mind. Their vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty free cosmetics have been featured on numerous platforms and have products perfect for your everyday look.

12 makeup and beauty brands-_that are vegan & cruelty free

@Mented Cosmetics

Blac Minerals

The minimal design of Blac Minerals tells us that their products are clean and friendly. Their cosmetics are made using healthy and skin-loving ingredients and are formulated without animal testing, parabens, sulphates and other nasties. As the owner Merced Boyce says, “beauty should be simple”!

12 makeup and beauty brands-_that are vegan & cruelty free

@Blac Minerals

Coloured Raine

Now, I have been using Coloured Raine since the company’s inception back in 2013, and since then they have come leaps and bounds in the quality of their products! With the high standard of their product textures and pigments alongside the glamorous packaging and marketing, they’re close to rivalling the mainstream Urban Decay.

12 makeup brands that are vegan and cruelty free

@Coloured Raine


Luv and Company

Luv + Co. states to have inclusive green beauty, which includes “a pinch of HONESTY, a dash of CULTURE, [stirred] in HARMONY with mother nature”. Not only is the company’s enthusiasm for clean beauty products infectious, but their colour-popping lip crayons, eyebrow pomades and skincare collection have me curious!

12 makeup brands that are vegan and cruelty free

@Luv and Company

Plain Jane Beauty

Say hello to Plain Jane Beauty whose products look Although their products come to a pretty penny, with the reviews they have received I’m willing to give their organic cosmetics a try!

12 makeup brands that are vegan and cruelty free

@Plain Jane Beauty

Sacha Cosmetics

Sacha Cosmetics has been reviewed by all the top Black beauty bloggers and have received great reviews! The pricing is reasonable and their Second Skin Foundation has deliciously dark shades and for that reason, I am here for it!

12 makeup brands that are vegan and cruelty free

@Sasha Cosmetics

My Move Makeup

MOVE makeup is something I can relate to as a woman with “being active” at the very heart of my lifestyle. This collection claims to have sweat-proof, natural makeup for empowered, active women, and their crumbly concealers and powders and pigmented eyeshadows do look good as gold!


P.D.G (standing for Alquemie Product Development Group) and have a collection of 40 Nude Shades for Special FX, Theatre, Dance, Body Art, Makeup Artists and Tattoo Cover-up. As well as offering cruelty-free vegan lashes, nail varnishes and body scrubs, it’s definitely worth a try!

12 makeup brands that are vegan and cruelty free


I think many people worry about quality when removing themselves from the mainstream stores and looking elsewhere for their products. All it takes is a bit of research; all of these companies have 5-star reviews and all their branding is also on point!

Everyone should have access to quality and wholesome cosmetic products that don’t break the bank, so educate your friends and and stop saving up for Balenciagas and Red Bottoms, because buying in mind is good for the soul.

Jessica Walker

Otherwise known as #AfroIsMassive, Jessica is a Natural Afro Hair enthusiast with a YouTube channel that reviews products and gives advice and tips on how to manage long 4C afro hair. She is ambassador for leading UK natural brand Afrocenchix and has done panel talks and events on hair care and societal issues.

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